What our customer’s say about us:

Madhu.S, Flushing NY

Amazing vegetarian south indian food. Customer seems to be entirely local ( from around the area) and its good for groups and kids etc. The owner handles many requests and food is hygienically prepared. Try the thali and chutneys are great too. some desserts good but mostly good for entrees. Dont expect $$$ level service while paying $ and you wont be disappointed. I used to live around the area and frequented at least once a week. recently visited and decided to write a review.

Marlo G, New York, NY

I grew up in this area and have seen it change over the years.  Within the past 5 years, there’s been an influx of Indian/Pakistani residents who’ve opened a number of restaurants, much to the benefit of the locals! 🙂  As one would expect, restaurants spring up and then close, so I’ve tried a lot of Route 27’s Indian restaurants.  Udipi Cafe has maintained a stronghold on its competition and for me, is the reigning champ of Indian cuisine in this area. 🙂

With that said, expect to wait for a table on weekends!  Due to the aforementioned, Udipi is well known and very popular.  The restaurant isn’t that large and you’ll be bumping elbows with your table mates and bumping chairs with those around you.  Furthermore, be prepared to hear your neighbors’ conversations as Udipi is filled with families, which may indicate its affordability.

Now before you read any further, do know Udipi is a VEGETARIAN Indian restaurant.  If that’s an issue for you, I’m very sorry and you’ll be as well because it’s THAT GOOD!  Do know my carnivorous brother and sister enjoy Udipi…and you may too!

Meals are made to your specifications and I always find it fascinating that the very friendly servers never write the order down when taking it—and always get the order correct!  Each meal is more than satisfying—they give you a lot of food!  I always order the channa masala which is excellent—be sure to specify the degree of spiciness you prefer.  Soup, rice, raita, and pickles come with the dish and be careful with the soup—it only comes one way…SPIIIIICY!!! 🙂

Udipi Cafe is handicapped accessible with a nice sized ladies’ room—don’t know about the men’s as I’ve never been.  Tables can easily be shifted to fit a chair, but call ahead to be courteous—as I said, they are always busy so let them know so they can prepare.